Should ‘Military-Style Weapons’ be banned?

So, what do you think? Should ‘Military-Style Weapons’ be banned? I mean, anything that has been used in a battlefield does not have a place amongst us mere Civilians, right? Any “sensible person” can agree with that! That’s it unless you understand how those two little words can be applied by sneaky politicians once you give them the go ahead.

Hell, even some gun owners may agree. Tell me if you haven’t heard or read some idiot saying: “I ain’t got use for an M16. I am a hunter and I have my hunting rifle and that’s all I need!” Besides the well know to most fact that the Second Amendment is not about hunting, let’s check what guns are part or have been part of battlefields and thus, fall under the category “Military-Style Weapons.”

Revolvers: Wait, you thought they were not in the list? Pretty much since its creation, the lowly revolver has been in battlefields everywhere in the world. Webleys, LeMats, Colts, Smith & Wesson, Nagants, etc have been wherever wars were fought in the 19th & 20th Centuries.  Even General Patton carried a revolver with him in a time where a semi auto pistol was the standard issues for the US Army.
OK so Revolvers are “Military-Style Weapons.” They can be banned.

Shotguns: “Wait! What do you mean shotguns? Shotguns are not Military-Style Weapons!” Oh! but they have and are being used by our military. You did not know that? Behold the Winchester Model 1897 pump shotgun A.K.A. Trench Gun.
Used by Dough Boy in WWI, it stuck fear on the Kaiser soldiers who wanted it banned from the battlefield. Yes, it even came with bayonet lug and bayonet which according to the Antis makes it an “Assault Weapon.” The shotgun is being used right now overseas by our military so we can add the good ole pump shotgun to the “Military Style” guns to be banned at a whim of the politicos.
Hunting Rifles: “OK you just lost your mind. My deer gun is NOT a Military-Style Weapon!” Sorry, it is but it was the first reliably mass produced military weapon dating back the Spanish American war and probably a bit before that. Germany used them in both World Wars as line rifle and scoped (just like your hunting rifle) as sniper rifle.
Almost every bolt action rifle used for hunting today is based on the Mauser rifle of the time and that makes them a Military Style weapon plus with the added penalty of capable of being used as sniper rifles that may not fall in the hands of terrorists!

I can go on about every type of weapon there is including muzzleloaders, lever action rifles, semi auto pistols, etc. If you have not gotten the idea yet, you won’t ever.

However as funny anecdote, the AR family of rifles and which its latest descendant, the M4 is now being used by our military, started its life as a gun sold to civilians and police when it came out first. The military picked it up later seeing duty first with the Air Force keeping S.A.C. airfields safe. Does that mean it is not covered by the Military-Style weapons ban?

The lesson here is simple: When using generic terms like “Military-style”, “gun control” and “reasonable” the average citizen will think in the least hurtful terms possible while the politicians will push & extract the maximum amount of power possible, will pass laws accordingly and will have no shame in lying or use any means to pass them (Do “You have to approve it to read what is in it” sound familiar?)

Challenge your politicians. If they cannot give you but generic answers on what Gun Control or Military-style weapons are, they are lying and they are ready to give you the shaft. But then again they do that every day after they wake up.

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  1. Good points. And frankly, every small arm developed in the history of man had been used, in one shape or form, by both the soldier, legionnaire, etc…, and the common farmer. Be it a sword, a gun, or whatever new weapons tech that’ll come out in the future. Hell, there are times where a weapon crossed over from being specifically military to civilian and vice versa.


  2. I think you summed it up nicely in the second to last paragraph: “the average citizen will think in the least hurtful terms possible while the politicians will push & extract the maximum amount of power possible”

    In other words, you can’t legislate common sense


  3. Lest we forget, not long ago, the Obama administration put the kibash on importation of Korean M1 Garands, apparently completely ignorant of the congressionally mandated CMP program *requiring* the sale of such rifles to civilians!

    That’s right, the Obama administration considered the M1 Garand a military assault rifle that should not be in civilian hands (yep, despite the fact that you can order one from the CMP and have it delivered to your house!).

    Never mind the fact that the internal magazine only holds 8 rounds…and uh…when was the last time I read in the Herald about a gangbanger drive-by, psycho killing spree or any crime perpetrated with a Garand?!


  4. One of the most popular hunting rifles in America, if not the most popular, is the Remington 700. It is exactly the same gun as the M24 sniper system, just not made to “milspec”. So, yes, Elmer, your hunting rifle is a military style weapon.

    Gunfacts says that the 1994 “assault rifle” ban was so effective that after it was removed, crime went down:

    Fact: In 1994, before the Federal “assault weapons ban,” you were eleven times
    more likely to be beaten to death than to be killed by an “assault weapon.”(2) In the first
    year since the ban was lifted, murders declined 3.6%, and violent crime 1.7%.(3)
    Numbers in parentheses are footnotes.



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