Ballistic Therapy :)

The View From North Central Idaho – New shooter report.

Joel talks about taking his hoplophobic Daughter In Law to the range, “subjecting” her to Ballistic Therapy and getting her cured.

Perhaps the best thing about having somebody shooting for the first time is the invariable result: A Smile.

Cannot ask for better payoff.

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  1. I once took a friends friend (18, 100 lbs and never even held a gun) visiting from Hungary, she could not believe one person (me) could own so many guns.
    I took her to a indoor range and had her shoot 4 different hand guns. a 22 revolver, .380 auto, 9mm auto and a Colt Peacemaker in .45 LC, man talk about smiles. Once she shot all of them once I asked which one she wanted to shoot again and she pointed to the Colt, I was so proud.
    When she went back to Hungary she took with her one each of the spent brass and her best paper target, it was a good day.
    Carlos Murphy S.A.S.S #873



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