Get your Uncle Bloomberg Ammo Right Here!

NYC Sells Spent Shell Casings to Ammo Store – WNYC.

Fellow Twitter @FightinBluHen51 informed me of this particular story. I have to say that I am quite tempted about ordering a couple of thousand rounds of 9mm from Georgia Arms since the price ain’t half bad. But SWMBO reminds me that I roll my own and have plenty of components (I might need to restock on primers though)

I heard good things about Georgia Arms ammo, so go ahead and order some just because it will piss New York Libs something fierce.


4 Replies to “Get your Uncle Bloomberg Ammo Right Here!”

  1. Be nice to have a few of those to throw down at the scene when you have to cap someone. Let “CSI” talk to Bloomberg about why NYPD brass is lying next to the body.
    I love to pick up brass after a PD training session at the local range.

  2. If you live in Illinois, definitely place an order. Make Gov. Quinn watch your dollars leave the state to pay someone else’s .gov salary.

    Plus you get ammo. 😀

  3. Happy to support this – I’ve bought a lot of Georgia Arms ammo over the years and it’s always been a great value. Their Gold Dot projectile loads are excellent for the dollar.

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