Another reason why I do not respect journalists.

Scott Smith, Ohio dad, arrested after bringing bag of weapons into Crocker Park theater, cops say.

At face value, It is illegal in Ohio to have a gun at a theater. So I checked the Ohio Laws pertaining Concealed Carry and I could not find anything about not being permitted to carry in a theater.

I went on to read the article and way at the bottom you actually find out why he was arrested:

Smith was charged Monday with four counts of carrying various weapons for each of the knives, one count of carrying a concealed weapon with no permit for the glock and one count of carrying a weapon while having a disability.

OK, now that makes more sense. But of course telling the truth and saying that Smith was arrested for violating Ohio’s Gun Laws does not sizzle enough.But if the good editorial department add exaggeration with a pinch of remembering fear, we have ourselves a bonafide News item!

“But Miguel! After what happened in Aurora you must understand how sensitive people are at the fact that somebody can carry a gun in a theater!” says Mr. Whinny Persons. Sorry, if my carrying a weapon makes you uneasy, deal with it. I am very allergic to spilled blood, specially mine.
Then again, I am carrying concealed: Out of sight, out of your little mind.