CSGV: The Shrill of Inadequacy and Uselessness.

I haven’t been paying attention to the Coalition to Stop Gun Rights Violence Facebook page so I decided to stop by just now. Boy! Talk about Reasoned Dicourse and “Let’s have a conversation about guns” !

You gotta love the Passive-Aggressive response of Raven. But it gets better!

Boo? WTH? And Oh Yes, the courage of the President on the Gay Marriage Issue that led to the vicious attack on Chic-Fill-A’s CEO First Amendment Right which lead to the massive support on Appreciation day. That work well, didn’t it?

And we go back to basics: Eliminate the Beast called NRA plus a version of “I am a gun Owner but” which is code for “I am lying my ass off but you can’t prove it. CSGV Intern goes wild! But wait! There is more:

Mimi goes Shrill Level 999 while Patricia wants to start a conversation by legislature by Presidential edict… just like in dictatorships.

Richard goes historically stupid with the Musket meme while using technology not available when the antiquated First Amendment that was written in 1791. Apparently irnony is not his forte.

Raven now doubles down with the Race Card. Do I hear desperation?

Richard first goes frustrated ennui and then bites on CSGV. Amazingly he is the only one so far that gets it but does not see that the NRA worked hard at local level and created a true grassroots organization. As long as they keep thinking that the NRA is just a small bunch of well paid lobbyist in D.C. we are golden.

But they cannot help themselves and fall once more into the “If you like guns, you must be crazy” script. I admire the balls of Susan’s idea of gun control via Obamacare. That is gonna make it even more popular than it is now among Americans.

Ahhh! Whacky kids! They are funny, aren’t they?

11 Replies to “CSGV: The Shrill of Inadequacy and Uselessness.”

  1. Ah, we’ve got more folks who buy into the “they don’t agree with me, so they are mentally ill.” I’m so sick of this crap. I don’t agree with them, but I have no desire to declare all of my political opponents to be mentally ill. Hell, I can work an election day at the polls with my political opponents where we buy each other coffee and get along just fine and dandy. We can even have *gasp* a civil conversation about our disagreements.

  2. I have authority & control issues simply because I won firearms? Potty Mouth Raven Bethany Whitechaple displays some true hate. So there are no Democrats in the NRA?

  3. Well with a bit of research, you can find that the founders did have knowledge of multi-shot firearms, http://www.italian-renaissance-art.com/Da-Vinci-weapons.html

    They simply didn’t have a way to manufacture them, and by 1803 if not earlier they had air rifles that would shoot 20 rounds a minute, and were powerful enough to kill deer.

    I would bet money if you could go back in time with a 100 AR15’s to that bleak winter in Valley Forge, and show George how they worked, the war would have ended a lot sooner.

  4. Why not start a 10 Rounds for NYPD campaign? It could be for the children! No semi-auto’s and no more than 10 bullets per cop including Doomburg’s body guards. Thinks of the leadership his royal majesty could provide for the world. We can start by hitting all of the facebook pages of every anti 2nd group and watch them sweat

  5. They are the insane ones. What better definition of insanity is there than disarming yourself and just hoping that someone will save you in a deadly criminal encounter. That’s not a plan or a coping mechanism; that’s just the denial of the reality of evil.

  6. Why don’t they realize that the NRA isn’t taking over the country, they’re just doing what the (20 million?) NRA members want them to do? In fact, the majority of NRA members I know wish they would do more.

    Always easier to have a boogeyman than to face the fact that most of your countrymen don’t agree with you.

  7. Yeah. This National Merit Scholar, who happens to like guns, is on a lower social and educational level than the enlightened people who know that I obviously want to shoot because I have an innate need to control. I see their point there.

  8. The levels of hate and irrationality have certainly been ramped up there over the last year or so. They, like the Brady Campaign, are focusing most of their attention on the mouth foaming supporters who are likely to send them a few dollars to keep the lights on.
    They also seem to be under the impression that the number of ‘likes’ they have equates to activism.

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