Eliot Spitzer and the Magical Government Unicorn for Gun Control

Gun control: Obama and Bloomberg could limit semi-automatics by using government purchasing power..

Here is how it could work with guns: The Defense Department and the city of New York are among the largest purchasers of guns. If the president and the mayor truly believe that semi-automatic weapons should not be available to private purchasers, and that magazines with more than 10 bullets should not be sold over the counter, they should simply say that, from now on, the federal government and the city of New York, as a matter of public safety, will not buy any weapons or ammunition from companies that do not agree to pull semi-automatics from their stock and refuse to produce magazines with more than 10 rounds other than for sale to the government.

Great example of why Liberals suck at the economy. The New York Police Department has 34,500 men and women in uniform. The U.S. Military has between active and reserve some 3 million people. Let’s round-up the numbers in total to 3,035,000 NYPD and US Armed Forces.  For the year 2011 there were 16,454,951 NICS checks of people buying firearms or FIVE times the amount of firearms that the US Military and NYPD combined could buy…. and they won’t buying every year;  gun owners have been buying  over 10 million guns a year since 2006.

So basically, if Bloomberg and Obama refuse to buy US Made Guns unless they are subjected to those tight controls, the effect in the gun market would be the equivalent of a sneeze in a hurricane. Actually I doubt it would be that much since it would mean more availability of firearms for the civilian market which has been suffering some delays due to demand.

I was going to make the obligatory Spitzer/Hooker joke….but the article is all the joke we need.

Update: This post got picked up by WNBC-NY. Follow the link to see the video and updated numbers & info reflecting the uber foolishness of the Spitzer Scheme.

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  1. I’ll do it.
    Spitzer was just taking the hookers off the market one at a time.
    Say, is he a felon? Because the irony of a felon whining about more gun control really pisses me off.

  2. They should be worried about firearm manufacturers flipping that scenario on them. Barrett does not seem to have suffered since they boycotted the State of California.

    On the other hand, I guess H und K will always be willing to sell to the governments what civilians can’t buy.

  3. That basically means Colt (M-4’s), Beretta (M-9), and Glock (19). Worst case, should they go through with it:
    – Ar-15 varients are made by everyone and their uncle anymore, so Colt dropping out won’t hurt too much.
    -Beretta is kind of minor in the civilian market, so no great loss.
    -And if Glock were to go the LEO only route, there are around 300 other gun company CEO’s who would drop to their knees and sing ‘Halleujah’.

    As for magizines (suprised he got that right):
    -Magpuls are banned from military use, so no loss there.
    -I thing nearly everyone in the world make aftermarket mags for AR’s, Beretta, and Glock, so that is a rather stupid idea.

    The stupid is strong with this one.

    1. Joe, if I am not mistaken Colt is no longer building M$s for the military. I think FN Herstal has the contract now. Beretta got an order 2 years ago for a boatload of M-9. Basically the Military is full on its requirements.

  4. In New York State, the police have no duty to provide police protection to any particular individual. The Courts in New York have held that “generally, a municipality may not be held liable for the failure to provide police protection because the duty to provide such protection is owed to the public at large, rather than to any particular individual” (Conde v. City of New York, 24 AD3d 595, 596 [2005]; see Cuffy v. City of New York, 69 NY2d 255, 260 [1987]).

    As the Chair of the Public Safety Committee of Manhattan Community Board 12. I will be holding a Public Hearing in September 2012 on NYS Senate Bill S1427 & S1863 with an emphasis on self-defense education & firearm training for women.

    Bill S1427 PURPOSE: This proposed constitutional amendment would provide within the New York State Constitution for a right of the people to keep and bear arms for traditionally recognized purposes

    Bill S1863 PURPOSE: This legislation would remove a gun licensing officer’s ability to deny or restrict the issuance of licenses to law abiding citizens who have successfully undergone the state’s strict application process and appropriate New York State and Federal Bureau of Investigations fingerprint background check required under law. In addition, this bill will conform New York State law to current ATF requirements regarding background checks for firearms transfers.

    September 12, 2012 at 6:30 PM at Isabella, 515 Audubon Avenue New York, NY 10040. If you live in New York State feel free to take a look at the information that I will be presenting as well as sign my on-line petition included at the link below. I hope that you will come out and support me as I support you. Fraternally.


  5. I say let ’em! We will quickly find which has more leverage: the group that arms a few thousand police a year, or the group that purchases enough firearms to equip the Chinese and Indian armies combined.

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