5 Replies to “And we are the violent ones.”

  1. (In a Willy Wonka meme) The second amendment doesn’t apply to modern guns? Tell me more how you Ipad and blog is covered under the first…

    The day Obama and Bloomberg give up their armed personal bodyguards, I will consider giving up mine. Then I’ll toss the idea away as I’m not stupid.

    And why will we always be potentially fighting drones and missiles?

  2. The liar said in the letter that he’d never been in a gun range, but later said he’d been in the Air Force. A Marine called bullshit on it, and then suddenly he remembered that he’d been to a gun range. I’m still calling bullshit–rifle qual is not something you forget in the USMC, and I frankly doubt you’d even forget it in the Air Force. This is a lying sack of shit and a vile valor thief.

    1. This letter, in various forms has been around the block. It was probably written by Josh or Ladd.

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