From the Totally Geeky Files.

Anybody who is/was short of money and owned an used car, eventually buys a Haynes Manual to do some sort of basic repair and maintenance. What I did not know is that Haynes offers manuals for other types of vehicles, animals and even musical instruments.

But this has to be number one in the Geek List:

Blackbird Manual? Oh hell yes!

And for the Geek Kid from the 60s nothing rocks more than the coolest flying machines on TV back then.

The Thunderbirds? Oh it is on!…wait… SWMBO just heard me squee and has reminded me my Amazon Wish list is as long as the No Fly list and economic moderation is a must….damn it.

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  1. My father in law was a technical writer. I went all geeky when he brought me his original, unredacted manual that he was a writer on for the A10.

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