CSGV: ZOMG! The Wolverines are coming!

Yup, the Coalition to Stop Gun Rights Violence is absolutely horrified that the remake of Red Dawn is coming to a theater near you.

And of course, the movie was produced by the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy’s Mack Daddy:

I bet John Milius is laughing his ass off just about now.

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  1. When I first heard they were going to do a remake of this movie I was worried it would be dumbed down and politically correct. Justin Bieber would challenge the Rooskies to a dance-off and win the war without ever firing a shot!

    1. I am not holding my breath on this one. They changed the bad guys already from Chinese to North Koreans as to not offend sensibilities. The original came out when every liberal was saying “Don’t offend the Soviets please” and Reagan was having none of it. Expect White House apologies to North Korea when the movie is released.

  2. Seriously? Its a frikkin MOVIE. Are we going to start apologizing for every movie that comes out? Howzabout starting by apologizing to the VIEWING PUBLIC for remaking and/or adapting every frikkin classic movie, TV show, cartoon series, comic book, or novel that comes along? Howzabout apologizing for demanding that I pay $9 for an EFFIN matinee movie, without doing me the courtesy of allowing me to plan ahead for my own defense against the random nutjob with an AK? Hmmm? No? Well, then, screw you and your offended sensibilities.

    Rant Terminated. End Of Line.

    1. One of two Hollywood directors that will use the proper type of firearm with the proper tactics in the proper time period. The other one is Michael Mann.

  3. Didn’t Milius say that he was worried that Red Dawn was entirely too far fetched and was worried that people’s suspension of disbelief would be stretched too thing?

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