Gun Control jumps the shark in Venezuela.

So what happens when you implement draconian gun laws but the crime does go down but actually increases? You go full throttle stupid with more laws.

Last May Venezuela implemented a series of regulations prohibiting where people can carry a weapon. You get the usual locations as where any alcohol is served, public gatherings of any kind, etc even though it was already illegal so they made it “illegaller.” But apparently that is not enough because criminals are not paying attention to the law so now the Government has mandated that everybody must be searched by pat down, X-Ray, metal detectors and or wands. If you own a restaurant where alcohol is served, you must force your clientele to be searched & probed before going in. So basically you have to go through a TSA screening every time you go wanna eat something or choose a restaurant that does not sell alcohol which in Venezuela, other than fast food places, there are very few. Owners of such establishments are also obligated to have a CCTV system included with the above measures or run the risk to have your business permit removed or denied if you are applying for one.

If that was not stupid enough, they also banned guns in any location, public or private where construction, remodeling, restoration, rehabilitation or any kind of work is being done. So basically if you are fixing something in your home or adding a room or even as simple as painting your house, the home becomes a government mandated Gun Free Zone. The location not only has to be posted with the appropriate No Guns Allowed sign, but Law Enforcement can go in any time and check that you are complying with the law without any type of warrants or judicial orders.

And before you say “this will never happen here” make sure you say it because you are willing to fight for what is right and not waiting for somebody to do it for you. If we give the Antis half a chance, this is precisely what we will end up having, Bill of Rights be dammed.

Note: Link will take you to the legal government document in Spanish and the good stuff begins in page 14.

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