The Idiot of the Day

The award goes to the driver of the burgundy car on the right.

White camper was coming from the right and turning left into work and the light was on his favor. Burgundy car was driving from left to right, runs the red light and clips the camper on the left rear quarter. According to witnesses, the camper rolled on its side, slid a bit and right itself up before ending on the divider. Again and according to witnesses, the driver of the burgundy car (known from now on as The Idiot) got out of his car and his first words were “Oh my God, I did not see him. I was texting.”

The driver of the camper was slightly injured, treated on the scene and released on his own. The Idiot had just a bump in his head. Police arrives some 40 minutes later, interviews both drivers, issues a $10 fine to the driver of the camper for failing to produce proof of insurance and call for a tow truck. The Idiot however did not have it as easy: No license or registration or proof of insurance plus he had an outstanding warrant. Cope were kind enough to let his girlfriend show up to collect his personal items before arresting him. And as a final touch, we were treated to a scene from COPS: The moment the handcuffs clicked on his wrists, the idiot started to cry with big tears flowing and snorts.

Life is hard; it’s harder when you’re stupid.

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    1. Ewww – the visual image is just so WRONG – plus there probably isn’t enough alcohol and/or drugs for any normal man to end up in that position……………

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