“Because there are no new Gun Owners”

Cornered Cat/GunStart Women Only Defensive Handgun Class – Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman: Featured.

Check out this fantastic photo spread of Kathy Jackson’s Cornered Cat Handgun Class for Women.

And when they tell you that a) There are no New Gun Owners and b) Women don’t like guns, you can laugh in their faces with all your pleasure.

God have mercy on the idiotic criminal that may think these are delicate flowers rip for the taking & abusing.

One Reply to ““Because there are no new Gun Owners””

  1. Thanks for the links, Miguel. We had a blast of a weekend! I was a little nervous when the reporter from the local paper asked if he could cover the event, but it worked out well. I think positive publicity is hugely important for pro gun people, but a lot of us are afraid to risk talking to the media. This reporter did a good job, and should be praised for it. 🙂



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