Rehashing Old Lies in a New Century

Something I haven’t seen since the first year of the Brady Bill.

Here is the full size graphic:

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Let’s start with the obviously false. It says that 2 million guns (40%) are bought annually without NICS checks. That means that 60% or 3 million guns are bought are bought via licensed dealers. Except we know that many more weapons are sold every year via licensed dealers according to the FBI NICS report. In fact, the first full year of NICS firearms checks provided by the FBI was 1,999 and it showed that 9,138,123 background checks were performed or three times the unmentioned number in the graphic.

Then we have the old tagline rehashed:

From March 1994 and December 2008, background checks prevented 1.8 million prohibited people, including felons and the mentally ill, from purchasing firearms.

Now, according to the National Institute of Mental Health, 6% of the US population suffer from a serious mental illness. Let’s remove that 6% from the 1.8 Million and that brings us to almost 1.7 million prosecutable individuals. And that is the question you should ask to anybody who actually blabbers this nonsense is:

Where are the 1.7 million prosecutions for violating 18 US Code 921 that gives you up to 10 years in prison and $250,000 fines? According to the numbers, the US Attorney General in the last 14 years should have accumulated 17 million years of sentences and/or $425,000,000,000 in fines. Where are they?

If you hear choking sounds plus the smell of burning oil and overheated metal, it means the person confronted by that question is trying to come up with a reply to your challenge and failing.

NICS checks, as anything done by humans, are subjects to failure, confusion and stupidity meaning you will get a fair share of False Positives. That does not mean that the person is “prohibited” but that for one reason or another the transaction was flagged. In a great majority of cases and after review, the flag will be removed and the transaction will be completed. Now, this is has been known since the first year after implementation of the Brady Law and when the President Clinton touted that over 100,000 felons had been stopped by the background checks and many (none in the Media) asked where were the prosecutions and nobody got an answer. From time to time some anti gun politician would resuscitate the old line to be reminded in a hurry that it was all BS. That the Coalition to Stop Gun Rights Violence decides to post this graphic on his Facebook page only goes to show the desperation and the willingness to lie for their cause.

But it is time to come clean to my readers too. I once was a “Prohibited Person.” (Oh the shame!) and I must confess. Years ago I was doing a transaction for a firearm. I filled ATF form 4473 and the FFL dealer went to do the instant background check. As I waited I heard the dealer say: “I did not know you were a murderer!” Suffice to say he has a very sick sense of humor, but he was right on the money. According to the NICS Check, I was a murderer and serving my life sentence in jail! We guessed the person doing the background check just imputed my full name and no social security number which brought a list of less than stellar people who share my full name and the transaction got more flags that the opening of the Olympic games. Once my name and SS# were run, it all came clean and the transaction proceeded. But that flag went on to be part of the 1.8 million statistic and who knows how many similar situations have happened in these 14 years. All in all and after 151,084,417 available NICS checks since 1998, 1.8 million represents 1.2% of all firearms transactions.Still too many when the majority are false flags.

So, don’t let CSGV and the rest of the anti gun clowns get away with lies like that. Yes, go ahead and call them LIARS. It might not be polite, but sure as hell it is the truth.

PS: That is my alternative Despicable Me.

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  1. Hell you should screen cap some of the commentary from that one. Sigh…the useful idiots of the left. They will only understand truly, when society collapses and they have to go to a gathering “gun nuts” who bonded together for defense and safety, for the safety the “gun nuts” can provide for the useful idiots. Personally if that happens kiddos..I’d say leave them useful idiots to their deserved extinction at the hands of the world they created.

  2. I was told of the exact same kind of denied scenario when purchasing my .22 over a year ago. It didn’t happen to me though, it happened to a state trooper! Would have loved to see his face when told he was denied.

  3. Also while the link in the watermark isn’t very honest, it is a Legal Community Against Gun Violence web page.

    I’ll note that I’ve seen this graphic on Joan Peterson’s twitter, Ladd Everitt, and Jason Kilgore’s.

    So again its a prime case of anti-rights incest. All of the above are Joyce Foundation fundees.

    So we have one Joyce Foundation group “supporting” the arguments of other Joyce Foundation groups, all without making much effort to disclose their connections.

    Needless to say in the science community this shit doesn’t fly.

    The only way the antis can argue is to created a false reality for their arguments to exist in.

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