How to get more women into shooting competition.

With one of this at every sanctioned match: The coolest port-a-potty. It even comes with A/C!

I checked out the website and their set up is way nice for those of us used to the blue plastic box.

The first club that gets one of this for a sanctioned match will forever be loved by Lady Shooters everywhere. Double if they don’t let guys use it.


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  1. My first reaction was that this is a silly idea, but on second thought it’s actually pretty clever. Even the ‘cleanest’ port-a-potty is pretty bad, this would go a long way towards making visitors comfortable.

  2. I was at an outdoor wedding a few months back that had something similar. You open the door and a blast of air-conditioned air hits you. Music plays softly as you cross the threshold. It is angelic compared to opening the door of a big blue box that has been sitting in the sun, on a 100+ degree day.

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