CSGV: Hopscotching to the wrong conclusion.

Caught this one last night:

These idiots probably did not bother to read the article. They read the title, saw it was in USA Carry and defaulted to the Gun Owners are Racists mode. The sad part is that some of the comments are the ones exuding bigotry but that is not unusual.

Are there idiots in the extremes looking for a racial war? You have to be either living in Disneyworld or a certified idiot to say no. That some of those idiots will attempt to get something started? I have to say it is a distinct possibility because there are always morons playing bi-color baccarat with the race card.

If I were a betting man, I’d lay cash for something to happen in Central Florida during/after the Zimmerman Trial. Both set of idiotic race baiters will congregate there, one will do something stupid to the other and the fecal matter will hit the Tropical Depression. And both sides will say: “They started it!”

And just remember you do not have to take crap from either side. Politely remind them to go away and if they do not….. be polite.

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  1. From the Lily White offices of the CSGV. It’s amazing how they themselves try everything they can to increase racial divides. Their supporters are just as bigoted and hate filled. No wonder they want to ban guns.

  2. Last nite they posted something about Jeff Cooper & accusing him of being “Ultra-Racist.” I never met Col. Cooper but those who did told me he wasn’t racist, he just plainly didn’t like anybody.
    He was democratic like that 🙂

  3. Aug.24,2012,4:06AM,Chicago Tribune, “19 People Shot Thursday Afternoon, Friday Morning.” In obamaLand it is not a “Race War” just a good old Democratic city with Demo Gun Laws that obama voters just do not follow. 🙂

  4. Amazingly enough gaggles of idiots that could not tell their ass from a manhole cover throw accusations at a person they never met. This is so typical of the InterWeb. Cheap bravery flows from keyboards as they hide behind some screen name that offers anonymity. I have met Col. Jeff Cooper, more than once. He was an OUTSTANDING human being, and yes like many others he was wrongfully accused of being narrow minded. The man knew what he believed in and lived it like he spoke it, unlike many others today.
    Due to all the social networking that goes on these days on the InterWeb, there are suddenly TONS of experts out there. Sorry, I have better things to do than argue with a ‘possum.

      1. When I mean ‘I tried my best’ it normally meant I’m wheezing and about to collapse, covered in mud and finding out my pistol belt and canteens hindered me in the 20 meter crawl because it got caught on a root.

        When they mean ‘I tried my best’, they did it until they got some mud on their 100+USD ‘gangsta’ Air Jordans or something.

  5. He prefaces, in preview box no less, his views, yet the CSGV halfwits still run with the NRA=racist meme? Reading comp fail. CSGV would love for violence to break out on election night. Between their past history (blood dancing after every mass shooting) and projection issues (blaming the NRA for the actions of common crime) they relish it, in fact.

  6. Oh and just for giggles…some of the other stuff said on this particular FB post on CSGV and others…
    “”Garrett Evans -I swear. These are deeply rooted old ideals that some people never want to get rid of. It is truly a damn shame that it is true that idiots still believe there needs to be a race war. It just goes to the fact that adults still act like kids: they feel they need to hate someone because they are different than they are. The foundation of this country needs to be redone becuase it is a weak one, the fact that this country was built on the backs of hate.”

    “”Debbie Downer -what if Obama took Romney in as a vice president…. that would make history! or Vice a Versa!”

    The only amusing response on the whole post.

    “”Mary J. Sanchez White- rednecks better watch out minorities out number you now. I hope these idiots don’t call themselves Christians. Hate is all they know and it doesn’t belong in America anymore.””

    my response? hypocritical much? Wanna see hate? look in the mirror you bigoted bitch.

    And probably the biggest blinkered and blind response of the whole thing..
    “”William H. Bischoff If- “NO ONE” CARRIED A LOADED GUN, there would be little chance of starting a ”race war”. Why would anyone want to kill someone because of their skin color? Don’t people who believe in God, believe that God made all human beings? We fought that war once, and we all know how terrible it was for our country and its people. I know the caucasion population won’t have to worry about being ”shot” if WE reelect Obama. And I know if Obama IS REELECTED, it will be because a LOT OF CAUCASIONS VOTED FOR HIM. What would cause a ”race war”? Only the NRA and its love of guns and its penchant for fear mongering.”

  7. Miguel, I have a suggestion for a catagory for the Anti-Freedom floatsom… “The Stupid… It Hurts”. 🙂

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