Regular Guy with a Regular Gun Saves Cop’s Life.

Bystander Fired Deadly Shot, Not Officer – WAFB 9 News Baton Rouge, Louisiana News, Weather, Sports.

Harrison was reportedly on his back with Temple on top of him.  That’s when Stevens went to his car and grabbed his .45 caliber pistol.

According to Col. Greg Phares, “[Mr. Stevens] orders Mr. Temple to stop and get off the officer.  The verbal commands are ignored and Mr. Stevens fires four shots, all of which struck Mr. Temple.”

Perry Stevens fired four shots into Temple’s torso.  Officer Harrison had already fired one shot into Temple’s abdomen.  With Temple still struggling with the officer, Perry continued to advance toward the scuffle.

“He again orders Mr. Temple to stop what he was doing and get off the officer.  Those commands are ignored and he fires a fifth shot and that hits his head.  The incident is over with, and as you know, Mr. Temple is dead.”

Will you look at that! An armed civilian (probably one of them insurrectionists we hear about) shoots a bad guy 5 times while on the move and with a Non-Target very close by.  There goes the myth that civilians are not as trained as Police Officers when guns are in the line. That was a 100% target hit and a good outcome.

Every time I see a LEO participating on Action Shooting sports, I know I am seeing somebody with a badge who knows the importance of practice and I also know that he/she will be more prepared when the time (hopefully never) that life must be put on the line.

It is time we take the politicians out of the LEO firearms training & supply and substitute them with people that actually know guns. Politically Correctness and the fear of lawsuits are placing both Cops and Civilians in danger.

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  1. he should be commended for his act ,proves a civillian gun carrier is of help to society bite that anti gunners


  2. Weer’d Beard, said that carrying on your person would be better than leaving it in the car. What a concept, an Armed Citizenry. I, for one, carry a pistol, well holstered, at ALL times. You never know when you will need it.



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