Pharisee much?

I saw this from CSGV last night.

It turns out to be an article by our “old friend” Bruce Reyes-Chow. You can go ahead and read the article that is just a piece of typical self-righteous moral superiority. He tries to appear willing to compromise, but in reality he is just trying to run his “elevated” spiritual state on gun owners. Unfortunately for him, he falls for the Anti-Second Amendment narrative of “Gun Violence” which is another made up term just as “Assault Weapon” or “Gun Show Loophole.”

And having partaken in religious activities with many a religious hypocrites in my life, I left him this short and concise message.

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  1. Heh. God wants us to get along with our fellow man. But He never said we had to be victims. Jesus Himself showed righteous anger on occasion, when it was necessary, and even ordered His disciples to go out and buy a sword, if they didn’t have one already. The argument against Luke 22:36 is that He was just fulfilling the prophecies. Yeah…Jesus didn’t come to “just fulifll” anything. He came to blow the prophecies out of the water. Two small swords (call em .22’s) wouldn’t be enough to protect everyone He sent out to spread His word. So either only 2 out of 12 should go out, or everyone needs to go, and to protect themselves as they do so, cuz if anyone knows its a crazy, mad, dark world out there, Jesus does. After all, He came to save it. So embrace peace. But keep your eyes open and be ready.

  2. A while ago I completed firearms training sessions with another pastor who has freely chose to do so. This brings my personal count to seven who have worked with me. 5/7 brought their wives with them. As an instructor, I now get fairly good attention from two local churches in my area. I feel there was a time when such may not have happened. But life has changed, and self defense and protection for family is no longer an option but rather a necessity.

    1. Ron, in my class to become NRA Certified Instructor there was a Rabbi with us. Very smart guy who gave us a very nice exposition about why self defense was religiously good according to several religions. The one thing that stuck with me the most was that saying “I will not defend myself” is the same as suicide and that for the Judeo/Christian ensemble is one of the worst sins. Suicide is not only dying by your own hand but by act of omission in not doing something to defend the life God gave you.

  3. Well, next month I will adding the title ‘Pastor’ to my name. That being said, I’ve been a shooter all my life, and carry daily. If stopping someone from killing an innocent by shooting them is going to send me to Hell, then I’m okay with that. I agree with the Rabbi you quoted, Miguel. My life is a gift from God. No one has the right to take that away from me other than God.

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