CSGV: Neither, nor, just the opposite.

This one hurt, I admit it. Then again silly me for reading one of Ladd’s interns (which I suspect is a former OWS member that amazingly can keep a job) without the proper dosage of caffeine.

I cannot keep track with all the stuff we are supposed to be. We are racists, revolutionaries, contra-revolutionaries, anarchists, cannibals, anti-government and now we want to be government?

The hobbesian thing comes from the following:

Hobbes (hbz), Thomas 1588-1679.
English philosopher and political theorist best known for his book Leviathan (1651), in which he argues that the only way to secure civil society is through universal submission to the absolute authority of a sovereign.

So is it like Islam for Non-Muslims? But we still get to eat bacon, right?

They have been pushing all this year for the “NRA wants to destroy the government” but today we want to be a dictatorial government? Do they drug-test the interns at CSGV? Oi gevald!

Trying to make sense on what the Coalition to Stop Gun Rights Violence is impossible. Sometimes it feels like I am watching Faye Dunaway being slapped in that scene in Chinatown. It obviously means that CSGV feels frustrated and that no matter what false accusations they throw at us, nothing sticks and they have to come up with weirder stuff. I feel that accusations of Child Molestation are not very far down the line. So if you hear that we are like Nambla but with guns, you know they reached China they dug themselves so deep.

I need more coffee.

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  1. I hate coffee but, thanks to your selfless determination to wade through this stupidity..I’m posting on it daily again over on FB. Did you see the one on them getting their titties in a twist over the GOP platform?


  2. I think when they say ‘Hobbesian’ they’re referring to Hobbes’ famous characterization of the “state of nature” in the absence of a strong central government as a “war of all against all”. Which is a silly usage of the word ‘Hobbesian’, since it’s not something Hobbes advocated but something he waved around as a bogeyman in support of a strong central government, but it’s more coherent than the other reading.


  3. Odd that by disarming the weak, but allowing the government, and social elite (remember they aren’t trying to take away Donald Trump, Rosie O’Donnell’s Private Security, or Bobby DeNiro’s NYC Carry permit, or all their California Cronies like Stallone or the late Bernie Mac who were all able to bribe their way thought the may-issue system) is standing for “Might Equals Right”.

    Odd I don’t recall hearing all the power the weak had in the dark ages before guns….


  4. The irony, of course, is such an accusation is nothing more than base projection.

    By removing the capabilities of the 90-pound co-ed from effectively and functionally being able to defend herself from the 300-pound linebacker-rapist, Ladd Everitt and the rest of the CSGV are forcibly devolving society back to a point where might does make right, in that the strongest will get whatever the strongest want.

    Sorry, but as Weer’d said, the Dark Ages were not all that fun. I will pass, thanks.



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