Don’t mess with the guy driving the ambulance

My pet peeve is trolls who come over to my blog and feel justified to tell me how to act. By the way, the First Amendment prohibits the federal government from limiting your right to express yourself. It does not apply to me. Apparently, your high school Civics teacher failed you just as miserably as your English teacher, and you somehow also managed to slip through an EMT class without ever learning to write coherently.

via I Know It’s About As Sporting As Clubbing Baby Seals… | A Day In The Life Of An Ambulance Driver.

I know the feeling. I have only banned one specific idiot and it was for that reason. The rest of the idiots have pretty much free hand because they serve a purpose: To demonstrate & confirm my points. And they do such a greeat jon!

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  1. Best line: “I fear that your phone’s autocorrect isn’t making you look like an idiot, it’s just failing to disguise it.”

    Pure 100% win.



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