And that is precisely why we own guns.

“It’s beyond time to declare the NRA as a Terrorist organization and arrest all active members as potential terrorists.”

That was Brian Dzyak, Brady fan and Hollywood Movie Cinematographer who has had no problems making money from movies that have guns and gun violence. He has no trouble also with mass arrests of innocent people. And that is because it is for a good cause: His false sense of safety. Well, Brian, before you go all giddy re-opening Manzanar Spa & Resort, we in the Gun Culture may have two words to say about the forced “vacation” you desire for us. And say it quite loudly.


9 Replies to “And that is precisely why we own guns.”

  1. I venture to say none of those crazy SOB shooters were NRA members Brian.
    If your were able to confiscate the guns from the good peoples only the bad people would have guns and as long as the bad people have them I’ll have mine!

    The bad guys will always have guns, they’ll get them the same way they get their drugs, hows the war on drugs going A-HOLE?

  2. As a Veteran,Life Member NRA&Texas State Rifle Ass,IDPA 4 Gun and Retired Civil Servant = Proud American, not a potential terrorist….A-HOLE! 🙂

  3. So, now every shooting is a mass shooting? 4 am in a store? 2 people shot (I never count the aggressor) Hmmm, media narrative change.

    Oh, and funny how the anti response is rounding up people and murdering them. Just like in another country that had guns banned. Godwin’s law really doesn’t work on 2A discussions- the other side ALWAYS starts with the disadvantage that they AGREE with what Hitler did…..

  4. And of course they neglected to show the shooting total in chicago (have to say it that way as ‘Chicago’ is now considered ‘racist’). Sorta funny how they (the anti gun crew) always manage to ‘ignore’ the toll there. After all it is a gun free city so those shootings can’t count……………

  5. How did someone get a gun in NJ? With all those gun laws….Wait…you mean he didn’t obey the law? Those rules and restriction set in place to stop these kinds of things didn’t work? Why, I’m just shocked……

    Putting out open threats on gun owners, interesting to see where they stand. But, what would they use to disarm us, swords? Lol!

    1. No, it’s okay for them to have guns. Cause, you know, they’re the reasonable ones. We’re the the crazy, racist, facist, anarchist terrorists who want to kill everyone that disagrees with us.

      Every animal is equal. Some are just more equal then others.

  6. And like all spineless cowards of his ilk, he will send others to do his murderous will, rather than see it executed himself.

    Probably because he knows – whether he is willing to admit it or not- we would fight back, and he wants to save his pathetic skin.

  7. Yep because a triple murder homicide is automatically a “mass shooting” what a bunch of brainless twats. lambs to the slaughter. which is fine because I’m hungry. BBQ lamb anyone?

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