Pentagon threatens ex-Navy SEAL over book on bin Laden raid – U.S. News

“We’ve got to get serious about leaks of classified information,” a senior Defense official told NBC News. “As unpalatable as it may seem to go after this Navy SEAL, if we do nothing there is no deterrence, nothing to prevent others from doing the same.”

via Pentagon threatens ex-Navy SEAL over book on bin Laden raid – U.S. News.

So does that mean White House will soon be raided by a DOD SWAT team, the person that has been leaking classified information put in cuffs and carted away to the nearest Federal Detention site?

Yeah, I didn’t think so either.

So I ordered the book.

And that is how it works…..

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  1. Well, both are being investigated, if that’s what you mean.

    I don’t care who it is: anyone who threatens the security of our military operations and the men who carry them out needs to be held accountable.

  2. I was under the impression that most government employees with classified clearances can publish books but have to submit the manuscripts to DOD for redaction and approval before publishing or even sharing with an editor? And I believe there is even an appeals process if the author thinks a particular redaction was too aggressive. You know, free speech and what not.

    Am I wrong and did this guy skip that step?

    I saw a speech by ex-Seal Markus Lutrell where he has mentioned that DOD struck certain chapters of his first book but then approved them later for his second book a few years later when the info was less sensitive. I’ve heard CIA authors make similar references to an approval and redaction process.

    Obviously we should not be quick to start leveling charges of treason at a hero like this guy, but at the same time I agree there ought to be consequences if he didn’t follow the rules.

    1. The government pretty much lost that case when it gave access & info to Hollywood producers so they could make a movie about killing Bin Laden. Now it cannot demand secrecy once the barn door has been open to several individuals not involved with National Security.

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