Rape: The solution is easy.

This was a quick yet insightful Twitter exchange this morning:

I am still amazed that there are morons walking this planet with that kind of invalidated thinking. I am guessing his knowledge of the female anatomy leads to believe women can urinate and defecate on command and they are more than willing to do so because it is a 100% guaranteed or your money back way to repel “someone committing a crime of power.”

Either that or the history in his internet browser is filled with sites I don’t even want to think about. One thing I can be sure of: I doubt he has spoken with a rape victim.

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  1. I almost impressed he can say that with (I’m assuming) a straight face. I’d think that would convince anyone, man or woman, who’s still on the fence what they’re all about.

      1. I too vote for ‘sarcasm’. Note the logical fallacy of his first post (blaming stores for stocking goods that ‘criminals’ want). I got a feeling of ‘illustrating absurdity through absurdity’ from his posts.

        Maybe I’m off base, but with a tag of ‘DefySocialism’ it seems to fit more than if he were truly serious.

        1. Unfortunately, having conversed with this entity before, I have absolutely no doubt he seriously wants to blame gun stores for the actions of criminals.

  2. He must have gotten that from the same Illinois State Police web page that advocated carrying a tongue depressor to make yourself vomit for the same effect. Or a comb. Or stab you attacker with your car keys. I think we shamed the ISP into removing the page. But it was there.

    1. Much thanks gents. And remember, a medieval-type mace (obviously with lighter, updated materials) is the best hand-to-cranium combat tool for Zombie eradication.

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