“I’ll be going in your houses!”

Not a long video. Watch it all the way.

Reminds me of that saying: “Don’t write a check with your mouth you can’t cash with your ass.”

I am guessing Castle Doctrine is a legal term these idiots are not familiar with. At least is nice to see that they are keeping the conversation in a civilized level.

PS: Great post in the Youtube comments: :The stench of pachuli & desperation was overwhelming.”

7 Replies to ““I’ll be going in your houses!””

  1. “Prepare for the civil war?” Who is it, exactly, who has all the guns, skippy? That’s right, me and mine. We are prepared, as Cooper said, to visit more upon you than you’re prepared to enjoy.


  2. Pathetic losers with absolutely zero class and lots of anger at all sorts of things.
    How are we supposed to take ever them seriously when they are in such disarray?

    Also, riot on my street and you will be “collected” in the morning by the city coroner.



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