Laddite of the Day: Morena Hockley

Doing my round thru the Facebooks and checking my favorite “Likes,” I had to bump on one promising post by the Coalition to Stop Gun Rights Violence.

The Yosemite Sam hologram caught my attention and I thought this was going to be a good post to poke fun at. And then I read the following comment:

I copied it and pasted it here for easier reading:

Morena Hockley To me it means those of us who live in safe neighborhoods can’t turn our backs on our fellow Americans in dangerous areas who live in fear of being shot by stray bullets. No parent should have to bury a child who is shot while watching TV in bed, or killed while walking to school. It’s easy to turn our backs and say, oh the NRA is too strong and too many people are in love with guns. But knowing the fear that exists in some neighborhoods, and realizing that more children are falling victim to our gun culture everyday should push us to work together to make it so EVERY neighborhood in America is safe. We are better than this, and we can’t let ourselves be bullied into letting up our efforts. We aren’t trying to take guns away, we are working to create an environment where it is harder for guns to fall into the wrong hands.

Don’t you just love Soft Liberal Racism? “those of us who live in safe neighborhoods”? As opposed to those of you who live in them ghettos?

Ms. Hockley’s Facebook entries read like the typical Liberal Mom well encased in a “safe” Home Owners Association with private security, worried about school bus access and recycling year old tofu for a “better” planet. That is, she has more in common with “The Real Wives of BrainDead Country” than a working mom. Her attitude reminds me of a quote from the movie Swordfish:

Thousands die every day for no reason at all, where’s your bleeding heart for them? You give your twenty dollars to Greenpeace every year thinking you’re changing the world?

These are Lounge Activists who need to “feel” they are doing something worthwhile but it should not involve sweating or thinking or getting close to them people who make her feel icky. I bet if she accidentally drives the periphery of a downtrodden neighborhood, she’d wet her little La Perla undies and will force hubby to take her Prius for a full wash and service to get rid of any mephitic vibes. She will probably comment her experience during her regular Oprah book club meeting asking why the Government is not doing more to save that people from themselves. And, of course she will make public via Facebook her faux activism in order to calm her soul and feel she is changing the world. Don’t ask her to understand the complexities of decades of failed liberal politics rotting away family principles or how the unchecked drug trade & gang activity has those neighborhoods under siege or how liberal sentencing puts the same violent criminals back in circulation over and over to reap on new victims. It is easier for her to send her $20 to Ladd who will have some willing Accomplice of the Cloth and his minions stand in front of a gun store protesting guns because it is safer there that protesting in front of the local drug house that will have their asses would be shot three minutes after the banners go up and they start singing “We Shall Overcome.” For Ms. Hockley, Ghettos are bad because they are not properly color coordinated and may bring down the property values. And oh yes! They are smelly and full of ugly people; perhaps a shower and a seaweed facial may improve their lives.

And, of course blame the NRA because there must be a villain in every Fairy Tale.

Activism is easy when your don’t have to work at it and thinking is not required.


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  1. How much dope does one have to smoke to become as stupid as the Twisted Spinster Munchkins who make up the CSVG? Stray bullets continuously flying through your neighborhood and you are gonna blame the NRA? How about you look to street thugs and gangbanger wannbe types to eliminate those numerous stray rounds? These type of uneducated comments peg my bullshit meter. It’s hard to believe that some of these folks were spawned from the strongest swimmer.
    Miguel, you mention “lounge activist”, and that makes me think that NOBODY who owns firearms currently can sit back and do nothing, pretending that there are too many gun owners in America to let “them” take away our guns. I see this type of attitude far too much amongst gun owners. If we are not ALL “actively engaged” in a fight to protect our rights, then we can’t bitch at the outcome. Losers let things happen, winners make things happen.
    Rant over.

    1. Rant accepted. And you are right, the idea of not being involved is stupid and lazy. At least join the NRA (even if you hate the mail. it does not weigh that much and you can always toss it) and the Second Amendment Foundation. It is a numbers game at the end and the side that can muster more “troops” on election day wins.

    2. They’ve been groomed their entire lives to separate themselves mentally from the NRA. It makes a much easier scapegoat than actually having to look at social and cultural issues behind violence, crime and poverty.

      They cannot blame ‘gangbangers’ because in their world, that very term is…. you guessed it…… racist.

  2. I wonder how quick it would take each one of those CSGC’ers to wish for a gun if say something like an LA riot was going right outside their house. 911 you say? yeah good luck…..

  3. Please, guys, don’t impugn her motives. She’s RIGHTLY urging people “not to turn our backs on our fellow Americans” in those unsafe neighborhoods. Of course, she doesn’t seem to wonder who fires those “stray bullets”, but her problem is reasoning, not racism. At least, that’s what she reveals so far. Stick to the issue: dealing with violence of sociopaths and/or gangsters by putting more legal restrictions on guns is like treating COPD with cough syrup. Good for her, that she doesn’t want to turn her back: the question for her is “but wouldn’t it be better to do something that might actually work?”

    1. “We aren’t trying to take guns away, we are working to create an environment where it is harder for guns to fall into the wrong hands.”

      John, you are exactly right. She claims she wants to do something about the problem of criminal activity with firearms, but she does not offer any real or meaningful approach that would do this. Some platitudes about keeping guns out of the wrong hands and also claiming that her efforts won’t impact my right to own a firearm as a law-abiding citizen do not cut it. Invariably, their proposals directly impinge on my rights with no impact on criminals. That is indeed just cough syrup for a COPD patient.

      Here is the solution to all you anti-gun advocates:
      Scream at the top of your lungs at your politicians and elect judges that will throw away the key when a criminal conducts a violent act (does not matter if a gun was used or not). Punish the violent offenders severely and very soon they will all be in prison and we will have minimal crime issues. By definition, law-abiding citizens do not misuse their firearms and we are the vast majority and we should attract zero attention from you and your policy proposals. Show good manners and leave us alone.

  4. I wish nothing but joy and happiness to Morena Hockley but if one goes to her facebook pages it is clear how the lib brain sees the world. 🙂

  5. I find it utterly amusing that you were able to read so much into my life based on one Facebook comment. Not that it matters to you, Miguel, but I am a public school bilingual education teacher who has taught in inner city schools in poor neighborhoods. I lived in an apartment complex in a neighborhood run by drug dealers and had two murders happen on my street. My husband served in the US military, my father gave his life for our country. I know plenty about sacrifice and working for others. Do you? Or do you prefer to invent fantasies about total strangers so you can contribute nothing to better society?

    1. I find it utterly amusing that you were able to read so much into my life based on one Facebook comment.

      Well, you have (had hopefully) left your info in Facebook wide open for anybody to see. That is where I got it, school bus access sounds familiar?
      If you live like a victim you will become one.

      I do not invent fantasies dear. I have seen and lived for decades in neighborhood that would make your “inner city” look like Disneyland.

      My contribution is to make sure the weak cease to be. That a woman does not have to force herself to urinate when attacked in the chance the rapist may feel disgusted and leave her instead of beating the pulp out of her. Nothing stop bad guy better than profuse bleeding by bullet holes.

      1. Do you feel better about yourself now that you’ve browbeaten this woman in public to your satisfaction? Does it feel good doing it in front of an audience?

        I see however you are incorrect you do invest in fantasys. The fantasy that ‘nothing stops bad guys better than profuse bleeding by bullet holes.” Tell us again how your fairy tale worked out at Columbine? Or Virginia Tech? Pearl High? Tell us more how someone with a gun would have magically seen through smoke grenades to hit the correct target in the inch or two not covered in body armor out there in Aurora.

        1. Ahhh.. a worthwhile troll.
          Answer one : yes. Idiocy needs to be properly exposed.
          Answer two: Columbine, Gun Free Zone not many years after President Clinton and the Democratic Congress assured us that it was the cure-all for violence.
          Answer three: Virginia Tech. I leave you the words of Larry Hincker, Associate Vice President for University Relations after the initiative to allow Concealed Carry was shot down:

          “I’m sure the university community is appreciative of the General Assembly’s actions because this will help parents, students, faculty and visitors feel safe on our campus.”
          Larry Hincker, January 31, 2006.

          You do remember when the VT massacre happened, right? Yes, they were so much safer!
          Answer four: Pearl High School, it was the vice principle Joel Myrick with a gun who stopped Luke Woodham from continuing on his search for victims. And of course Mr. Myrick was rewarded with…. you ready? A pink slip. Yup, he was fired by the school in true idiotic anti gun mentality.

          Answer four: Aurora. Shooter was not wearing body armor. And even with the smoke grenades, hitting the correct target would not have been difficult: He was the one with the long gun. Kinda hard to miss.
          Any other questions or you need to get back under the bridge?

  6. I’m a proud working member of the coalition and work at a school in the inner city where shots ring out almost every day and the police are parked 100 feet behind the school. I’m also a liberal and soccer mom. There are LOTS of us, although you may not know it.

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