And this is why I want my wife to carry.







via I debated whether or not to share this story.

The Little Blonde is all but 4’11” and even though she has a stare that can melt steel and an attitude that will scare most linebackers, there is always the random psycho out there that will not understand the word NO unless is accompanied by the proper ballistic enhancement.

Nothing says “Please stop now” than a jacketed hollow point traveling at 1,200 fps through assaulting flesh.

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  1. I am right there with you. Sam is well endowed and seems to attract strangers who must stare at her chest. She is saving her pennies for a S&W 590-something.

  2. I hate reading things like this.

    First, let me say, no woman deserves to or should ever be treated like that. Yes, women (just like everybody else) have the ABSOLUTE right to protect/defend themselves. She absolutely has the right to be left alone. I am not denying her any of her desires.

    But, my god, she came off as such a nasty, stand-offish person, that I have a hard time feeling bad for her. Not saying, what happened to her was right. It was not. Just that my sympathy meter is barely moving.

    1. I understand your view. I am guessing she is born & raised L.A. and taught to be a “victim.” She does not see it as whining but legitimate complaint because she does not know better, she is unaware of alternatives. The idea of violence even for self defense will sicken her. It is Clockwork Orange writ large. I was once like that till my eyes were open. 🙂

      1. I dodn’t want to judge her too harshly based on one post, so I read several pages of her blog. Where she gets political (most of it is comic book theme) she is an admitted feminist (her words). I belive in women’s rights, because I believe we are all equal and endowed by god and the 14th amendment with equal rights.

        But she goes (in my opinion) over the line from women’s rights to the default assumption that men are sexist rapists who must be educated and so on and so forth.

        That hurts me deep inside. I am a man, as such I feel it is my moral duty to be a protector of virtue and a defender of the innocent. Good men are the bedrock on which civilization is built.

        I am offended by the idea that if I sat down next to her on the subway and said “hi” that I am suddenly due a lecture on how her body is her body and she owes me nothing and I am a bad person for showing a fellow human being some civility.

        The crazy thing of course is that I think you are right. Men, real men, are not rapists, sociopaths are (using the term accurately, as a peron who lacks empathy). Real men do not need to be educated on why rape is worng, a conscience (empathy) will tell them that it is wrong. Educating a real potential rapist will do nothing because knowing something is wrong is not a deterrent if they don’t have a conscience. Thinking that all men just need to be educated is false protection that offends the men who will come to your rescue and make you feel less like you need to protect yourself.

  3. Wait. Are you saying this young lady should have shot this guy for yelling at her?

    That’s great for movies (Mr. Eastwood would approve), but I’m thinking you’ll have a tough time with the law.

      1. “Nothing says “Please stop now” than a jacketed hollow point traveling at 1,200 fps through assaulting flesh.”

        I’m not sure there’s a lot to interpret there, but whatever you say.

        I also think that whether she’s Republican, a Lib, a Libertarian or Communist makes not a hill of beans difference. That guy’s behavior was wrong. Period. I don’t think we should diminish it by bringing politics into it, IMHO.

        1. Using the gun does not mean shooting it. Most self-defense uses of a firearm do not involve pulling the trigger….but when they do, we want it effective and final: Stop..NOW.
          Unicorns tend to fail in instances like that.

          I don’t think we should diminish it by bringing politics into it, IMHO.

          But politics do have a part in this process. Liberalism goes around telling you that A) Gov will protect you (when they know it can’t) B) You “shouldn’t take justice in your own hands” when clearly self defense is not the application of justice or any idiotic similar notion. C) “Violence begets Violence and that is bad” which is a resonant load of crap:
          “One bleeding-heart type asked me in a recent interview if I did not agree that ‘violence begets violence.’ I told him that it is my earnest endeavor to see that it does. I would like very much to ensure — and in some cases I have — that any man who offers violence to his fellow citizen begets a whole lot more in return than he can enjoy.” Col Jeff Cooper.

    1. Cyclist didn’t deserve to be shot. Cyclist deserved to be tackled to the ground and beaten with his own bike until he bleeds teeth.

      I do not like women for my own reasons, but NOBODY deserves to be treated like that.

      At very least, she should have pulled out her phone and snapped a photo for the police. Video would have been better.

  4. Nothing says “Please stop now” than a jacketed hollow point traveling at 1,200 fps through assaulting flesh.

    While I agree with your (jacketed hollow) point, it’s hard to deny that a jacketed hollow point traveling at 900 fps* through assaulting flesh is also a fine way to convey the same message. 🙂

    *My comment is not intended to incite another skirmish in the Caliber Wars. Save that for the gun forums…. 😉

  5. I am happy to say that i have the wife, and sister-in-law trained. Specially after recent events with druggies, car jacking, and other crime in our area. They refuse to be a victim. I am proud of my wife and her sister.

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