8 Replies to “I was going to comment about Recoil Mag, but I bow to LawDog”

  1. That editor is some kind of Fudd alright. Apparently us civvies shouldn’t have tools designed to ‘put down scumbags’ because that’s not a sporting purpose.

    1. Boy, how do I wish putting down scumbags was a sport. Could you imagine how many fewer scumbags there would be. Not to mention former scumbags that righted their ship for fear of being hunted.

      1. Where I come from, it’s considered sporting to verbally warn the bad guys before you open fire, so they have the option of leaving peacefully.

        What happens if they do not exercise that option could be considered sport in its own right.

        1. That settles it then, any firearm (all of them) that can be used to “put down scumbags” are now a “sporting weapons”. I have twice used a firearm to defend my home, neither time was a verbal warning necessary, just my appearance with the weapon. Although the second time I did yell, “I wouldn’t do that if I were you”, as I kicked open my door, but before I even got the whole sentence out the fine young urbanite, carrying a tire iron, who I had been watching through the peep hole had turned tail and hauled ass.

  2. Oh, well, hell. I just subscribed three weeks ago. If the Ed had full-autoed his foot a week earlier, I could have cancelled my subscription without paying. Guess I’ll have to eat this one.

    As Say Unc says: Because F–k You! That’s why!

  3. Yeah, that was my comment: What they have done is the journalistic equivalent of stepping on their dick then trying to fix it by shoving said dick in a 220 outlet. 

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