16 Replies to “CSGV: See? Even Gun Magazines agree with us!”

    1. Before Japete gets mad and says that gun owners want to sexually assault liberals or something, let me say that I am a liberal gun owner and I laughed my head off at the porn video featuring (a look-alike for) Sarah Palin. (Also, let me say that only consensual sex acts were depicted.)

    1. That’s different.

      There’s a difference between keyboard commandos arguing about what kind/caliber of gun is the best, and then there’s a schmuck in a magazine saying that, were you to own some gun or other, that you would magically turn into some sort of murderous thug shooting at the police and their black helicopters.

      What happened with Recoil was mostly the latter; the fact that the gun in question is manufactured by HK leads me to believe that a bit of the former may have been involved too.

  1. the editor of a “gun lifestyle” rag made an ignorant comment, then defended it, then issued a nonapology. “recoil” is bankrolled by ron burkle, a liberal democrat, who just happens to be a buddy of the clintons, not really indicative of “gun magazines”, just one editor, who is owned by a freedom hating fascist. a trojan horse. we’re burning it down.

    the gun in question would probably be a decent defensive weapon. that is what it’s marketed as. just not for us slimy “civvies”…

    almost any law-abiding citizen could build an ar pistol, with higher capacity, better ballistics, a proven design, and more options, for less money, but this mk7a1 is just too dangerous for us. HK. because you suck, and we hate you.

    when a government fears its people, there is Liberty.
    when the people fear their government, there is Tyrrany.

  2. “CSGV fashions must come with very big pockets to hide that HK.”

    Remember that to the CSGV, a full AR-platform rifle is a concealable weapon. Why? Because the mental case in Aurora got one into the theater without too much notice. Because it makes it easier to demonize. Because they need to lie and obfuscate to push their agenda.

    Next they’ll go on about “pocket bazookas” or some other crap. 😉

  3. Then of course there was the story the other day, of the braindamaged fuckwit who while supposedly cleaning his gun…shot his dick and one testicle off…*FACEPALM!!!!*

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