Portable Behavior Modificator

Found in the YouPipes:

Quote: An Israeli traffic police volunteer was documenting an arab traffic offender after he spotted him driving recklessly and crossing over a white line.
Realizing he’s being filmed, this punk pulls out an iron pipe with the intention of beating him up, but the volunteer brings him back to his senses by pulling out a gun.

Watch the video. Around 00:46, you’ll see the young hoodie-clad idiot retrieving a long possibly metallic impact weapon from his car and being all jumpy-happy that is gonna show some old fart some respect. All of the sudden his body language changes to one of surrender and meekness when the realization hits that the lamb had suddenly developed fangs and they are ready to take a chunk of his butt.

A successful use a of a firearm recorded for posterity. Other than soiled undies, no other bodily fluids were spilled. So much for the “Blood on the Streets” mantra.

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  1. “…being all jumpy-happy that is gonna show some old fart some respect.”

    Could be… but I saw it more as ‘the Monkey Dance’*; a display of aggression and the physical prowess to do harm in an effort to establish dominance, and get the target to back down. (didn’t work too well, did it skippy?)

    Apparently he never heard the rule about picking a ‘fight’ with an old man, as he’s too tired to fight and will just kill you instead.

    *“The evolutionary and unconscious answer is the monkey dance. A complex set of patterns that involve lots of yelling and screaming, threat displays, short clashes followed by more yelling, screaming and threat displays. A process that while everyone is adrenalized, the purpose is NOT to hurt the other person. That is another kind of violence all together.

    Can the monkey dance morph into these other kinds of violence? You betcha, especially among young, selfish and angry males who lack understanding about boundaries and what it really means to be an alpha.”

    -Exerpt from a long but enlightening blogpost here: http://www.nononsenseselfdefense.com/monkey_dance.htm

  2. May have been the monkey dance. But, there was a disparity of force…younger, energetic kid with a pipe. The older guy did the exact right thing here. The only way to know for sure if it was just a “display” was to stand around and see if the kid proceeded to beat him to death or not. Personally….a 50-50 chance of walking away is not, to me, worth it. He put a stop to the “display”. Nobody was hurt. No shots were fired. Not sure what was going on there at the end, when the kid went back to his car, but I’d say it was a good call. The only call, actually.

    1. I still see it as a ‘monkey dance’ exchange…the old guy just taught the young upstart a few modern moves! (for better or worse)

      Remember…an integral part of the ‘Monkey Dance’ is a desire to *NOT* actually hurt your opponent, but rather intimidate them. If young punky-brewster there truly intended to hurt the old guy there would have been no swagger and bounce; it would have been a pure charge/attack action.

        1. RE: Monkey Dance. It might have been, but I am not betting my life on it. I much rather see if the punk is willing to bet his life. Apparently he did not and everything ended up with an acceptable solution.

  3. I could be wrong, but around 1:32 I believe the older gentleman drops his mag, unchambers a round, and retrieves it from the ground.
    The young punk has not yet left the area. I don;t want to second guess the guy considering it all worked out, but that’s taking Israeli cary too far for me!

  4. Appropos of nothing just thought I’d share…Someone on one of the forums I hang out at, in regards to a post about cairo and the muslim brotherhood asked “so what’s the diplospeak form for ‘ eat shit, howl at the moon, puke and then die”?

    To which I replied…” Go eat a bowl of dicks you diseased, backasswords, camel humping sand monkeys? Oh. Wait. I forgot. We’re trying to be polite and diplomatic…..my bad.”

    Hmmmmm should I have prefaced this post with a spew warning? Oh well.

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