My domain name is worth what?

You could have knocked me on my butt with a feather. According to

I keep saying that Tides Foundation, the Joyce Foundation and all the rest of idiots with too much money and no brains should have gone ahead and offered us money to buy our sites instead of wasting it on the likes of Japete & Jason Kilgore.

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  1. nice, I wonder in the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence would buy it from you, (you could afford that colt Gatling gun….)

  2. It’s like the way the CalGuns Foundation is keeping microstamping from being implemented in CA. Rather than spend untold amounts of resources fighting it in courts (and likely eventually losing), they paid $200 to re-up the patent rights in their names. CA is prohibited by law from forcing implementation of patented technologies, so they were waiting for the patent to lapse.

    They can hold their collective breath.

    If they do try to buy your site, don’t get it in writing that you can’t start another one soon. 🙂

    1. That was a masterful move…. when I heard about it, I laughed for a long long time. Hats off to CalGuns, they made up for the GunPal debacle with that one.

  3. I have to wonder how that site comes up with its numbers.

    For instance, it values at 2.8 Quadrillion (2,800 Trillion) dollars which strikes me as slightly excessive (as that’s something like one thousand times the US Dollar monetary base).

    1. I am sure that my domain name price would end up being somewhere between a dinner for two at Longhorn Steakhouse and Full Service at Pep Boys.

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