So which one is it?

DENVER (CBS4)- Police in Denver are investigating shots fired outside the President Obama re-election campaign office.

One shot was fired into the office building at 77 West 9th at about 3 p.m. Friday. No one was hurt but a glass panel was shattered

via Shots Fired Outside Obama Campaign Office « CBS Denver.

The first reaction from the Brady Campaign was:

“IT IS THE FAULT OF THE NRA’S WANTING EVERYBODY TO HAVE A HIGH CAPACITY ASSAULT CLIP…, wait… one shot? How are we going to win a debate this way people! Don’t call me till we get at least 11 shots!”

As usual the Media is in the News business, not in the truth business.

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  1. Good Lord. You’d hope that they could at least hire one parrot that has actually fired a gun.

    This story stinks as much as the slimey idiot that championed Tawana.



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