And he advises students?

Bonetti, who has been a vocal proponent of the First Amendment, said that his sign is meant to express his concerns, because, after all, he wouldn’t know whether somebody was bringing a concealed weapon into his office.

via CU-Boulder adviser posts sign on door asking students to leave their guns outside – Boulder Daily Camera.

Funny, I never figured that one gets to choose which Amendments of the Bill of Rights one gets to support. I thought it was always a good idea to support them all but what do I know? I am not a College Adviser.

8 Replies to “And he advises students?”

  1. Don’t make fun of the guy, what he’s doing is quite effective. Dozens of people who meant to do him harm have seen that sign, sighed in resignation, and just walked away.


  2. I th

    I thought that sick professional people weren’t allowed to be professionals –
    isn’t hoplophobia a defined mental illness?


  3. Been shopping for a house lately. My agent let drop in casual conversation that he has a permit and does carry a concealed weapon. I am significantly less concerned about what we’ll find in houses because of that.



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