Cutrufelli found guilty.

A case we have been following:

Samuel Cutrufelli, 31, a Petaluma resident who lived in Novato until earlier this year, was convicted of all charges that include burglary, robbery and attempted murder of Jay Leone at Leone’s home on Jan. 4, Deputy District Attorney Dorothy Chou Proudfoot said.

Leone was shot in the face and Cutrufelli was shot in the back during the exchange of gunfire at 10:45 a.m. at Leone’s home in the 300 block of Via La Cumbre.

via Ex-Novato Man Convicted of Attempted Murder – Novato, CA Patch.

This is the “upstanding” citizen that is suing Mr. Jay Leone for causing him “great bodily injury, and other financial damage, including loss of Mr. Cutrufelli’s home, and also the dissolution of Mr. Cutrufelli’s marriage.”

Hopefully Cutrufelli gets a well deserved long stay at the local correctional facility & his suit gets thrown out.

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  1. In a perfect world, the attempted murder conviction would completely preclude and render invalid Cutrufelli’s lawsuit against Mr. Leone.

    But, this is in CA, so he’ll probably win (“How DARE the home-owner defend himself in his own home!?”). And sadly, I can’t say OR is any different in that regard; defenders in a home-invasion are absolved of any criminal liability, but civil liability is another story…. 🙁


      1. Exactly! I’ve always found that true “Castle Doctrine” distills down to three distinct parts:
        1. No “Duty to Retreat”,
        2. Absolution of criminal liability, AND
        3. Absolution of civil liability.
        (SYG is merely the extension of Castle Doctrine beyond your own property line, to wherever you have the right to be.)

        Most states have some of these, but not as many have all three. Florida and Washington State (among others) have all three. Oregon only has #1 and #2. We’ve tried to get #3 several times, but the ultra-liberal anti-gun Senate President never lets a pro-gun bill out of committee without gut-and-stuffing it. We were extremely lucky to have detailed CCW records (as in, who has licenses and where they live) taken out of the public record this year.


  2. This would have been over at the break in, if the fucker had just had the good grace to DIE SCREAMING and bled out on Leone’s floor. Cutrufelli and his ilk, are a pox, a blight, a bubble on the ass of humanity. A nest of cockroaches to be exterminated with no pity and no remorse.


    1. I agree, but ya still gotta give massive props to Mr. Leone for putting a bullet in his brisket, all while having a bullet of his own in his kisser. That, in and of itself, I would imagine to be quite the distraction.

      Personally, I was quite surprised this ever made it to a courtroom, until I saw that they’re in California, where if you want to have more rights, you just need to start breaking laws.



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