Four Lies: You, Our Courts and Self-Defense by Marc MacYoung.


Now the ironic thing is a defense attorney defends an innocent person (someone who actually didn’t do it) in much the same manner as a guilty person. whom the attorney is trying to get off. Basically, if the guy didn’t do it, you rip apart the state’s case, challenge the evidence, and show that the ‘proof’ … well … isn’t.

Do yourself a favor and download the whole article. It is 17 pages long but worth reading. When you are done, send it to somebody you care about even if they are not in the Gun Culture. Four Lies You Our Courts and Self Defense.

Hopefully it will open the eyes of many people. Use the knowledge to prepare yourself.

If you can drop a line to the author and thank him.

3 Replies to “Four Lies: You, Our Courts and Self-Defense by Marc MacYoung.”

  1. Thank you for that. Really made me appreciate living in Arizona. After Harold Fish was wrongfully convicted, we (thanks to AZCDL) changed the law regarding self defense. The burden of proof now rests on the state to prove it was not self defense–a mountain the State does not want to climb a majority of the time.
    Could a wrongful prosecution of self-defense still happen here? Of course it’s possible, but less probable.



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