Anti Gun Groups: F*** Our Military.

You remember this one:

And some of us are named as co-conspirators in this “hideous attempt to massacre” our soldiers:

Just now in Facebook, a friend & active duty Marine noticed something: not the Coalition to Stop Gun Rights Violence or their fellow Anti Right associates like The Brady Campaign, Violence Policy Center or the National Gun Victims Action Council even acknowledge either the Marine Corps Anniversary yesterday or Veteran’s Day today in their Facebook pages. However, all those “eeeevil” bloggers celebrated and paid respect as we do every year to the Devil Dogs and those who served our country in both our blogs, Facebook and Twitter.

The Marine friend said something very interesting after his initial post:

You’d think that if they want us to confiscate American’s guns, they’d be trying to show us appreciation in order to win hearts and minds. Guess common sense really isn’t a common virtue.

Never forget that the Anti Rights groups consider not only Gun Owners but the military in general as having two IQ points above certain species of simians.  They created a narrative and made the stupid mistake of buying into it.

And that is why we win.

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  1. I’m just a “among others”. Oh well. I did notice they seemed to have forgotten the people that give them the right to be stupid.

  2. Man, I dunno how these guys aren’t winning, they’re so charming, loving, kind, inclusive and classy. Shucks, I guess it’s just a mystery.

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