My measly contribution to Tam

If you are somewhat involved in the Gun Blogs, you’ve heard about Tam’s situation. My Mom went through that (and we will be making a visit to a dermatologist soon as something has appeared again) and I personally know the feeling you get when what you thought was a zit gone a bit septic turns out to be basal C. Those who know me and bought the BS that it was a nose piercing gone bad, shame on yourselves and I have some swamp land available for purchase very cheap.

As usual I am late to the dance (And can’t dance either so no loss there,) but I want to add my small contribution. Cathy Desorcy, Product Manager of Super Brush LLC had sent me a package to give away in another contest I was planning. It has a selection of bore tips and swabs plus several cards with an online discount of 10% of their products. So here is what I am gonna do:

1) If you make (or made) a donation to Tam’s Paypal (check her blog, right hand side), you will enter in a raffle. The winner will be selected at random and gets the baggie with the goodies. I will select ten more people who will get the card with the online discount for a total of 11 winners.

2) In order to enter, you will need to email me the confirmation from Paypal that you have donated to the Tam Cause. You can forward the email or do a screen capture obscuring your info if you like, but I will need proof of contribution. Send proof to Miguel AT Gunfreezone DOT net.

3) Contest ends Thursday November 22 at 11:59 pm (23:59 for those civilian time impaired) and I’ll announce the winners the following day.

So, go donate a couple of credits for a good cause and get back to me.

Yes, that’s was it. No, I am not getting a facial.

8 Replies to “My measly contribution to Tam”

  1. Well, I cannot seem to find books bikes & boomsticks, nor a view from the porch “at the right” of your blog.

  2. I tried to send you my receipt. I don’t know if it went or not. Let me know if you don’t get it by tomorrow and I’ll try again. Thanks.

    1. No, I’ve been having trouble with my e-mail. Something about google chrome not liking my e-mail server. I finally went on IE and got it sent. I think.

      Ever want to just draw and fire a magazine into your computer?

      1. There is a laptop imprisoned in my room right now that is waiting the resolution of several appeals to higher courts. I think in a no so far future, the appeals will fail and will have to be properly executed. 🙂

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