Florida gun range lets customers shoot at each other – ZOMG!

Reuters discovers Airsoft 30 years after its inception. Scares the crap out of them. Exaggerated headline ensues.
Coming next in Reuters: Internet, a passing fad or here to stay? Experts are not sure yet.

Combat City, a Florida gun range, has taken the concept of target practice to a whole new level. Customers can actually engage in simulated combat against other people, shooting real guns at each other.

However, as local affiliate WKMG explains, the customers aren’t using live ammunition. Owner Dave Kaplan gives visitors a choice: He can modify your own gun or you can rent an airsoft gun from the store.

via Florida gun range lets customers shoot at each other | The Sideshow – Yahoo! News.

Can you imagine Reuters amazement when they find out that there states that allow citizens to carry guns? They’ll be calling for UN intervention and everything!

5 Replies to “Florida gun range lets customers shoot at each other – ZOMG!”

  1. This is excellent real world training with real hand guns, YOUR hand gun in many cases not toy guns or paint ball guns.
    The police have been doing this for years.


  2. It`s like IDPA. You reap what you sow. Use it as a “game” or strenghten life saving skills. When the SHTF you react as you train…. 🙂


  3. Level of stupidity filters aren’t adequate. May need to upgrade my protection. Just, journalistic integrity is a joke. Granted what journalist would try to frame this in any other way as a sensationalist news story to make normal people who decide to train as crazy people (while criminals are often turned into victims).

    Very Off-topic: Took Intro to Handguns last night. The last hour was a free shoot between .22 and .45. Out of all the guns, the .22 was a paper puncher, the SIG in .40 was confusing, the XD in 9mm was fun, but the Wilson Combat .45 was my favorite.

    Meaning I’ll write a blog post when not playing tanks.



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