Wounded Warrior Project: Bashful Pimps. (UPDATED)

Last night I caught GunsSaveLive’s post commenting on Steve Nardizzi’s interview on GunTalk. This morning I heard the podcast of the interview in the hope that the small sliver of hope I had remaining could be saved but it died a painful death.

What I heard was a long-winded lawyer talk trying to cover an unexpected manure storm. I have no doubt now that this was not a mistaken PR advice by an external entity but something decided by the board in toto or at least a majority. Such level of stupidity cannot be accomplished but by a group of equally minded fools.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the decision to dump weapon companies was made because they scored a serious major donor who promised salacious bucks under certain conditions (like no icky guns) and the board bent in seven axis at the size of the possible check. At least I hope that’s it, because the other choice is that they want exclusivity on their logo for a Furby-type toy and assorted merchandise deal.

Mind you, they still want our money just please do not associate in any way, shape or form with Wounded Warriors project. They are like Bashful Pimps who want the coinage but refuse being seen with you.

UPDATE: Tom Gresham gives his thoughts on an bonus podcast.

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  1. An aside: as fundamentally and as passionately as Mssrs. Gesham and Nardizzi disagreed, did you notice that (unlike Libtards) their behavior was civil ? I doubt either will be sending the other Christmas cards, but at least they both followed the unspoken rules of conduct our culture.
    MSNBC, take note….



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