CSGV: Google is your friend.

Posted just a while ago in Facebook:

If we delve into the news story itself, we find out that two people were arrested for the incident: Earl White III and Tiffany Leanne Yancey. Mr. White is a felon on parole according to the Georgia Department of Corrections and Ms. Yancey who shows an arrest for firearm possession by convicted felon. Basically both are legally prohibited from even touching a gun yet that did not deter them. But for the Cult to Stop Gun Rights Violence, the solution to this problem is make sure I am unarmed at my local Big Box Store.

And to DJean Polster: Concealed Carry is working pretty good in Florida, we should be damn close to the one million active licenses any time now. And before you start shooting your mouth (see what I did there?) you may want to do a little Google Search and figure out the legal status of your examples.


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  1. Yeah, when I first read this I was willing to bet neither had a CCW so yes, concealed carry is working out just fine for ME!!!

  2. Ain’t no such thing as ‘gun violence’ – guns are inanimate objects and hence incapable of committing human acts. The hoplophobes will continue to use incorrect terms (like ‘assault rifles) as long as we continue to let them.

  3. Heh…I haven’t bothered with those dipshits in weeks. I’ll have to go look to see if they commented on the black friday case here in Houson. Long story short. Some douchebag was making his way up the line harrassing people trying to get them to let him cut in the line. He tried it on a concealed permit holder who told him to go piss up a rope. He assaulted CCP holder who then PULLED his pistol. Douchebag, coward that he was hid behind a refrigerator, then ran like a little dog with his tail tucked between his legs. Freaked the rest of the crowd out too. Cops called, took report. nothing to see here, move along.

    1. Should CCP have pulled his pistol? I look at this way…odds are if he’d started whaling on the little bastiche with his fists, it possibly would have devolved into a brawl. Drawing his weapon ended it right then an there. *shrug*

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