You know you are becoming irrelevant….

When even the press in Cook County, Il will not let you lie with impunity

a recently formed coalition that is against any form of a concealed carry law in Illinois was challenged by those in favor of such a law. In his opening statement, Lee Goodman, an organizer for the Stop Concealed Carry Coalition, began by declaring that “the majority of people in Illinois want to maintain the present law that does not allow people to carry concealed weapons.”

Goodman’s statement immediately raised eyebrows in the crowd that included professional journalists and those opposed to the coalition

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But make no mistake, they will throw not only the power of the Chicago Democratic machine against concealed carry but also the White House will exert all its influence to keep Illinois CCW-Free as it would be a colossal embarrassment for the President to vie for Gun Control while its “home” state goes for arming themselves legally.

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  1. “I can’t fathom the idea of walking into a shopping mall and just thinking that in a purse or under a coat there might be a weapon,” Munoz said.

    Awww, He’s a coward and want’s everyone disarmed. What a asshole. Him and Father Snuffy deserve each other


    1. I live just outside of Chicago and I can tell you, that under that coat or in that purse there already is a gun. It is being carried illegally, by someone without a permit, who probably is in a gang and is involved in the drug trade. Every Monday of the summer the front page of the news gave the total number of shootings that occured over the weekend in Chicago. Numbers like 25, 37, and 42 (that was a three day weekend). How do you have 42 shootings in a weekend if people arn’t already carrying guns?

      All we law abiding people from Illinois are aksing for is the right to carry legally, with a permit, having gone through a background check, just like our compatriots in 38 other states.



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