CSGV’s ability to say stupid stuff is endless.

I am sure that whatever Idiot-In-Turn who wrote that has never been in a real fist fight. And for some, a fist can be deadly. In fact the FBI UCR reports over 6,000 homicides by fists/kicks/shoving between 2000 and 2009 so we ain’t whistling Dixie here.

And I was also wondering what would people like the gentleman depicted below should do, stay home forever and pray nobody ever breaks in?

Photo by Oleg Volk


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  1. People who say stuff like that have never been in a fistfight. They’ve been watching too many movies. It doesn’t take a lot to inflict serious damage to the human skull. I don’t intend for that to happen to me.

    1. A fistfight hurt back when I was in grade school, I really don’t want to get into one with as an adult now. Thanks to Hollywood everyone thinks you can get punched and kicked for ten minutes and suffer little more than a few bruises.

  2. Not lying. I’m 280-ish pounds and 6-feet. By definition I’m obese. I can’t fight worth a damn, so I think I should even my odds of survival with a firearm.

    Also saw how the CSGV people look like from the Penn & Teller Bullshit episode, so I doubt they’ll put up much of a fight anyhow.

  3. CSGV says people who can’t defend themselves without a firearm should stay at home?

    Women are the demographic who generally benefit the most from bring a gun to a fistfight.

    Conclusion: CSGV just declared that women should stay in the kitchen!

    1. Being better than them does not preclude the possibility of launching a counter-offensive. The good guys do not stop being the good guys just because they actively attack the bad guys. That’s what pro-gun culture is all about.

  4. Miguel, you know that I take a pounding at work and that I was back on the job with crushed ribs in a day. Most of the people that I work with say I am a crazy, tough SOB. I am built like Jusuchin, and though I can take punishment, I do not relish the thought of a fist fight. I remember too well the broken bones and concussion inflicted on me by seven fresas de Matamoros when I was 17. I carry a gun as part of my commitment to never suffer like that again. Grrrr. I would love to take the idiot that wrote that out behind tge woodshed.

  5. CSGV is in denial about the justifiable use of force. If an innocent victim is attacked with fists or pushing, it may indeed rise to the level of genuine self-defense. Factors such as numbers, age, sex, and training/skills can all make such an encounter lethal.

    Bottom line: CSGV members are ignorant and they are the least qualified people on Earth to make policy suggestions on gun laws. Their irrational fears about firearms demonstrates they are not competent enough to be left without adult supervision.

  6. CSGV should talk to boxers/MMA fighters with dementia pugilistica or anyone with a seizure disorder/migraine disorder from head trauma, and ask them is it worth it to be involved in a prolonged fistfight for the sake of “public safety.”

  7. If anything, carrying a gun will make me LESS likely to get into a shoving match or a fistfight because I know I have nothing to prove, so I’ll do what I can to DE-escalate.

  8. I’m 60 years old, have arthritis in my lower back, a bad right shoulder, and a bad heart. If I am physically attacked by some six foot 200 pound twenty year old, I could get crippled or killed; I see no reason why I should have to risk that outcome by getting into fisticuffs with someone I can’t take on without getting badly hurt.

  9. I never understand why those opposed to gun rights so willingly choose to be a possible victim. They don’t want the government in their bedroom, kitchen, place of worship but implicitly trust that someone else will save them in an emergency.

    Ask the people who were devastated by Hurricane Sandy if the government was there to save them. The act of defending your home from intrusion will more than likely happen between a call to 911 and the time the police arrive.

    Why be defenseless; why be a victim?

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