“At least alive…”

From CSGV’s Facebook quoting from an article by Amy Davidson in The New Yorker:

This rubbed me the wrong way. If anything it goes to show that most Anti-Gunners simply hate guns just because. You see, if Ms. Perkins had been beaten to a pulp and put in a coma by Jovan Belcher, that would be OK because there was no gun involved and she’d still be alive.

I am not gonna blow gaseous by-product of bonfire up your sphincter and tell you there is no good violence. I firmly believe in what Col. Cooper’s thought of “that any man who offers violence to his fellow citizen begets a whole lot more in return than he can enjoy.” But I do believe like many Gun Owners do that any violence against the innocent is wrong. I do not make a distinction based on the type of weapon used or who is being targeted but our opposition does. We comment on how disgusted we feel when a man rapes a woman, or when a child is abducted, sexually abused and killed, or a mob attacks a homeless guy for shits and giggles, or any other way that an innocent is hurt or killed by those using violence.

You will not see the same level of care for others in the other side of the “Gun Conversation.” They are solely focused on eliminating the object and damned be anything or anybody else. I can imagine them scouring the news websites: “Elderly woman attacked by serial rapist.? Nope…. Child abducted from playground. Police fears the worst? Nah…who cares?…. Domestic dispute ends up in woman’s death? Yess!…lemme check…he used a baseball bat, not good… Parking Lot dispute ends up in shooting? Yes! Prepare to release the outrage against the eeeeevil NRA!”

How can anybody live such a soulless pathetic life with the pride they exhibit is beyond my comprehension.

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  1. The fact that we gun owners refuse to tolerate violence against the innocent is exactly WHY we encourage violent retribution against such violence.

    There comes a time when speaking softly no longer works, and you need to bring the big stick to bear.

    And then use it to beat the offender within an inch of his worthless, pathetic life.


  2. I’ve always been fascinated/horrified by the anti-rights crowd’s insistence that without eeevil guns, the victims would still be alive.

    Try this one. Why do professional boxers separate into weight classes? Safety. A heavyweight (>200 lbs) boxer could very easily and likely kill a flyweight (<112 lb) boxer, even with padded gloves and a referee.

    Literally. Kill.

    The force disparity is just too great to be a (reasonably) safe match. A good solid punch from the heavyweight would cause whiplash and/or permanent injury and/or death in the little guy.

    Apply that logic to Jovan Belcher. I don't know Kasandra Perkins' height/weight, but he was, what, 6'6", 280 lbs, and in prime physical condition? I don't believe there are too many people he couldn't beat to death without breaking a sweat. With bare hands (padded gloves aren't generally used in real life). Again, the force disparity is just too great.

    But, nope. We're to believe that absent the gun, Ms. Perkins would be just dandy right now.




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