Liying is what the other side does.

I have seen this graphic shooting around Facebook:

I have no idea who was the lame brain that came up with this thing, but it certainly does NOT help our cause to lie, specially when we do not need to because the stats are on our side.

Thirty seconds or less of Google-Fu produced the FBI UCR Expanded Homicide Data Table 8.  For 2010, the number of firearms homicides were 8,775 and not the 11,493 stated in the graphic. Non-firearms death according to my calculator come up to 4,221, way shorter than the 16,799 displayed.

I also checked for the baseball bat bit in the FBI UCR and I could not find it. I am not saying yeah or nay, so I reserve opinion on that one.

Seriously people, we don’t need this crap. It is the other side that keeps making up stats and that is their downfall.

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  1. The expanded homicide data only shows additional information for crimes where the supplemental data was provided by the reporting agency, not all crimes reported through the Uniform Crime Report include supplemental data. To find the total number of murders where a gun was used, you’d look to the violent crime page. This page tells us that there were 1,246,248 violent crimes. Murder makes up 1.2% all violent crime which gives us a total of 14,954 murders. Firearms are used in 67.5% murders, which leaves us with 10,094 murders where a gun was used.

    I agree, no need to us to lie, the facts speak for themselves.

  2. So out of 1.2 million violent crimes of these crimes were 14000 murders and of these were 10000 murders involving firearm. Could I see where the number of total crimes committed by firearms out of the 1.2 million violent crimes?

    1. Here is the link for 2011 violent crime page. In the middle of the page, under “overview” it gives the total number of violent crimes and the percent of those crimes committed with a firearm.

      Since I have that number handy, I’ll save you some time. There were 315,133 violent crimes committed with a firearm. 159,217 Aggravated Assaults, 146,139 Armed Robberies, and 9,777 murders. Keep in mind that these numbers represent the number of criminal complaints submitted to the Uniform Crime Report and does not represent the number of convictions.

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