Sent to the Twitter Gulag! (UPDATE)

when you tick off them open minded Liberals long enough, you get reported for spammer or whatever the hell is they do. So today was my turn and my account has been suspended.

I was never a boyscout, but I tend to be good at reading the writing in the wall. I had an gulag account ready and it is up and running. If you follow me on Twitter, I am now under @MiguelinGulag.

In the meantime:





UPDATE: I AM BACK ! I was apparently accused of sending multiple unsolicited messages. That is Liberal for “I don’t wanna hear your side of the conversation so I’ll have you shut up.”

8 Replies to “Sent to the Twitter Gulag! (UPDATE)”

  1. Typical liberal reaction. Rather than ignore what someone says or change the channel or just turn it off they have to impose their will on others and try to destroy them. Right out of their playbook.
    I read once that liberalism is a mental disorder and although it may not be listed in DSM-IV I’m beginning to believe it actually may be true. Give thanks to the federal government for dumbing down our schools for what we are reaping today. God help us all.
    Keep up the good work.


  2. But I thought they wanted to have a conversation about gun control! Those messages weren’t un-solicited, they asked for a conversation and then you gave it to them!



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