Massad Ayoob has word about Monsters

Unfortunately, in this country, logic has been buried under political correctness.  Those in power whose ego is invested in brie et Chablis values that include scorn for the peasantry they accuse of “clinging to guns and Bibles” will never see that logic.  Children will continue to die in gun-free zones  hunting preserves for psychopathic murderers, and the cowardly murderers will continue to surrender or kill themselves as soon as armed good guys show up…far too late.


Bravo Mas, well said.

2 Replies to “Massad Ayoob has word about Monsters”

  1. “…as soon as armed good guys show up…far too late.”

    As soon as they show up? Oh, you mean the Cops!

    How about this, lets have armed good guys everywhere! No I don’t mean State employees who wear a super-hero costume and bear the magic shield. I mean good people. People of character and courage, who, faced with mortal danger to themselves or to others, would simply access their own privately held weapons, do the right thing, and fight evil tooth and nail, instead of waiting for some other “good guys” to show up.

    What a concept! Self reliance and Liberty!



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