6 Replies to “The Media Frenzy about Sandy Hook Elementary…”

  1. Art is my new hero! I’m glad people are beginning to see the shameless self-serving lame stream media for who they really are.

    1. I just checked the @ on Art’s reply. It appears NadineatABC’s twitter account no longer exists.

      Also, his friends and family apparently did check in, and are safe.

  2. Props to Art. I hope his friend and said friend’s daughter are safe. Being traumatized in this case is pretty much inescapable, but I hope they’re safe.

    I’d like to pre-emptively start the gun debate on this one by saying: if one teacher, ONE TEACHER had been armed at the time, the shooter’s rampage would have been a LOT shorter. If half the teachers at the school had been armed, we would be mourning fewer than half a dozen children, instead of nearly two dozen.

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