I don’t want human shields.

take a bulletThe above post belongs to my niece. She happens to be an elementary school teacher and she is forced to teach at a Hunting Preserve for the Criminal Insane A.K.A. school. Thanks to the insane gun free school laws, teachers like her have to be unarmed from the moment they leave home to the moment they get back because they cannot even keep a gun in their vehicles at school or else they become criminals.

And as much as I admire her determination and the determination that Victoria Soto had and that led to her ultimate sacrifice saving her students, I rather see that teachers deliver bullets against an attacker than catching one from him.

Victoria SotoR.I.P.
Victoria Soto

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  1. Friday night I hugged my kindergarten teacher as I drifted off to sleep to dream of her classroom and her kids (and police preventing me from getting in and shots ringing out and…) . I woke up to hate email, apparently from someone thinking I’m still an NRA ILA volunteer (not anymore, man is that a long story). Last night, Sunday, my kindergarten teacher, the woman I married, tearfully told me that she would take a bullet for all of the kids in her room. I reminded her of Patton’s speach and said again, it’s not her job to die for her kids. It’s her job, should it come to that, to make the attacker die. Ms Soto made the ultimate sacrifice, if she’d had a gun that might have been enough to save everyone.

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