Wanna play the Blame Game? Okeydokey.

“It was the NRA.” “It was them redneck, no-good gun owners.” etc, etc,etc. You guys had three days to spew your crap, now it is my turn.

In 1993, the Federal Law GunFree Schools Act of 1993 (HR.987 of the 103 Congress) was introduced by Rep. George Miller (still seated for CA) and stated that:

To amend the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 to require each State, as a condition of receiving Federal assistance under such Act, to implement a gun control program in its schools, and to establish a program of grants to local educational agencies for purposes of purchasing crime prevention equipment and training security personnel.

As with all things in Congress, the last part was promptly dissolved into nothingness as proven by the the actions or Mr. Lanza. And the law basically created a hunting preserve for the criminally insane when the states promptly followed suit and enacted their local versions of Gun Free Schools.
So the reason why your kids might be right now in a building which will provide no protections in case of a deranged killer is the “Honorable” George Miller.  But that is not all! The first Co-Sponsors of the bill were Elenor Norton (DC), Douglas Peterson (no longer representing Fl), Tony Hall (no longer representing OH) and Benjamin Cardin (MD).

The bill had a total of 19 co-sponsors and can be viewed here. I am sure some of the names will be highly familiar as part of the Gun Control brigade.

So now you know who was the “genius” and the co-sponsors behind “Hey dude, you wanna shoot up some kids. School is wide open!” law. It takes a United State congresscritter come up with a law that basically says in order to keep the chickens safe from the fox, we must remove the dog, send the farmer away and leave the gate to the hen-house open. Make sure you thank them for having children killed in schools for 28 18 glorious years.

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  1. Just posted something very similar to this on are Reuter’s new article (there was a little more I added at the end that I forgot to copy before posting). Lets see if it gets approved… Article link below comment. I think I’ll be posting the below comment to just about every news article I find that is talking drivel (I refuse to post comments to sites that make me sign into Facebook to comment though).

    Does anyone actually care what gun laws are that are already on the books in CT? Did anyone know that CT already has its own assault weapons ban similar to, if not the same as, the 1994 federal ban? Does anyone know that the likely hood of the gun used is an “assault weapon” by CT statute is low? Does anyone care to remember that the owner of the firearms was murdered and they were stolen, not legally possessed by the murderer? No, no one does care to know or report the facts.



  2. The establishment has shown that it has neither the capability nor the desire to protect the lives of its citizens. Quite the contrary, in fact.

    We really need to start letting them know exactly how dissatisfied we are with OUR OWN GOVERNMENT committing high treason against the nation it is charged with serving and protecting.

    Perhaps I need to move more of my collection from my parents’ house to mine. When the chips are down, I’m not sure a revolver and a derringer are going to cut it.

    (Don’t worry, my dad has his own armory.)


      1. Unfortunately, going by Wal-Mart prices, I only have about 3 months worth of rent in ammunition. Half that if I go by the prices I actually got the stuff for at the gun show.




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