Assorted Stuff for Pre-Mayan Apocalypse Times

Feeling a it burned out so I am going light on the brain pan.

A-kHoauCcAA5zjU.jpg largeSpecialty Sports gun shop in Colorado Springs. You see all them gun boxes in the background? SOLD! Pic taken yesterday. (Source: Twitter)

england sale ofr knives
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Sign in a store in Jolly Old England. If you happen to bump into Piers Morgan, just go ahead and give him a well deserved wedgie. Don’t worry about damaging his testicles, you can’t hurt what he does not have.

-In other news, Cheaper than Dirt said UNCLE! Back to selling guns (via Say Uncle. You see what I did back there?)

– Michael Bane’s podcast always treats us to some weird music that I am not particular into. But on the last podcast I have to admit the closing song was from a band unkown to me and…damn they sound good! Buena by Morphine.

I’ll probably be back later.

9 Replies to “Assorted Stuff for Pre-Mayan Apocalypse Times”

  1. Where is that gun shop? Granted they’re probably out of stock for the next month, but all of the shops I’ve found around here turned out to not exist. I’ve had to schedule my shopping trips to coincide with gun shows for the past year.


  2. Wally World in Oregon can’t sell a pocket knife to people under 18, any bladed article for that matter.

    What the phuck’s wrong with this country???


  3. Anyone know what time these Mayan a pock a lips are going to arrive. I’m assuming Central US time zone, midnight. There’s been no news about it from the other side of the world where it’s already… oh, wait..



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