Odds and Ends for Saturday 12-22

Twitter discussion about arming teachers at school. I do hope this person was lying, if not let’s make sure he/she does not get near a kid armed with a gummy bear.

allowed apparently is not allowed.

This next one goes to the Dremmel Files. No tooling was used in the desecration of this gun, but close enough.
horror GlockAccording to the owner, it is painted with naiI polish, we remain unsure of the why. I recall there is a famous S&W M&P with blue flames somewhere in Northern Florida….

And this was Jamal’s last Facebook upload before the tragic end.
last click


8 Replies to “Odds and Ends for Saturday 12-22”

  1. Please teach me how to load my Glock with a ” clip(s)”. It may help in IDPA.
    As for Jamal, please read my post on the ” fart ” story and one will understand. 🙂

  2. RE: Kindergarten teachers with guns, it has been my experience that the most dangerous people in life are also the nicest and most gentle. Not dangerous because they might lose it, dangerous IF you threaten who or whatever they are being nice and gentle to. They have placed themselves in a place of guardianship over those things, and woe betide anyone who dares threaten whoever is under their charge. I can think of few types of people who I would trust more with a gun than those who willingly take care of crowds of rowdy children day-in and day out. On purpose.

    Those teachers adore those children. It’s only right they be given the power to protect the children as appropriate.

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