Biting the Hand that Strikes You.

It happened again. Some idiotic newspaper decided to publish the addresses of residents of NY State that own registered guns and the backlash was swift (Via Say Uncle.)
Apparently the narrative that Gun Owners are a bunch of uneducated yahoos afraid of their shadows and incapable of cohesive thinking or basic skills is still alive and well among media-types. Making assumptions like that takes to get really expensive as editors and journalists of The Journal News “serving Westchester, Rockland and Putnam counties since 1850” may be finding out today.

Listen people, we are simple people (not to be confused with simpleton): We don’t mess with you, you don’t mess with us. You feel the need of inserting a bouquet of purple lilies up your rectum and dance butt-naked to the tune of “I Will Survive“? Go right at it, I don’t wanna see it, but feel free to do your interpretative frolic. But if you decide to be a jackass and damage our calm, expect some well deserved and not totally unexpected retribution.

It has been a while that we decided stop being polite and being the punching bag for almost every failure you guys had in life. Time to man up, accept and correct your mistakes on your own. Blaming us and then trying to get cute with journalistic payback used to work when the information flowed only from the top of your ivory tower to the lowlands where we “little people” live. Problem is the Internet became the information ordnance  that knocks towers and other assorted elite bastions. And we are good that knocking stuff down.

“Don’t tread on me” is not just a catchy slogan in a yellow flag. It is friendly advice.

Gadsden flag

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  1. JHC…. Just how many of the SOB’s that go off their rockers and kill people had gun permits you dumb shits?
    The good folks who have gun permits are the LAST people you have to worry about and when the shit hits the fan at your house don’t even THINK about coming to MINE and expect ME to protect your dumb ass!


  2. The irony is that people didn’t learn their lesson from Spike Lee’s mistake when he posted/tweeted what he thought was George Zimmerman’s address, and it turned out to be wrong.

    I’m sure that NY list is not 100% up to date, some of those people have probably already moved and not updated their address. So basically thieves are going to hit the “wrong” house, and the homeowners will have that “newspaper” to thank.


  3. A friend might put a spear in your heart, but only an enemy will tell you it’s for your own good.
    -Grim Eyes, Digger by Ursula Vernon


  4. As a fellow blogger pointed out. MESSAGE TO THE MEDIA
    Guess what?…turnabout is fair play you progressive “do as I say..not as I do” assholes.

    Janet Hasson
    3 Gate House Lane
    Mamaroneck, NY 10534

    The president of that lovely paper..

    The Editors of that lovely paper..
    Cyndee Royle
    1133 Westchester Ave., Suite N110,
    White Plains, NY 10604,

    Nancy Cutler
    9 Woodwind Ln,
    Spring Valley, NY.
    (845) 354 3485

    The CEO of that paper’s Parent Company..
    CEO Gracia C Martore
    728 Springvale Rd
    Great Falls, VA 22066
    (703) 759 5954


  5. One of the local rags did that here a couple years ago. We found and published the names, addresses and phone numbers of everyone involved. From the owner right down to the alleged reporter. They were less than amused. They said they wouldn’t do that again.

    They did say that that was their biggest issue. What they failed to realize is that a bunch of us went around and collected thousands of the papers and destroyed them. .


    1. You know? For people that need to be on top of the information, you’d figure that by now it is well established that if you pull a stunt like that, be ready to have your info plastered all over the internet.



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